Every Hour Is Precious

A few days ago for daylight savings I had to put all the clocks in my home forward one hour, something we’ve all been doing for years.  But It wasn’t until that day that I realized how precious the hour I just went forward in time was.

I was sitting at my computer, checked the time and it was 7:49 pm.  Almost eight, but if we didn’t go forward an hour it would only be 6:49 pm.  And at 6:49 I usually get ready to watch a movie, or go out to run some errands.  Yet here I was at 7:49, almost time to get into my cozy bed and fall asleep.

Time is something I wish I could slow down at certain points of my life, I’m sure it is for all of us.  But how come there is only 24 hours in a day? Not 25? Or 30?  It would be better if it was 30, then I could spend more time doing things I wanted to do.

And that get’s us to the main point: every hour is precious to us.  We can do so much in a mere hour, do a full workout, get a lot better at something, watch a few episodes of your favorite show.  Or we can learn another section out of a unit at school, or complete another task you had to at work.

Every hour we live through should be something to be grateful for and something to be proud of.  We have a lot of hours in our life’s, and it’s important we don’t waste those hours.  We spend a lot of times on our phones, computers, and just waiting for something to happen.


What are you waiting for?  Get out there! Have some fun!  Whatever you’re looking for won’t come to you, you need to find it.  And you have the time, so do it.  Sure, it may not be as much time as we’d like, but there had to be a boundary somewhere.

Something that you can really do is write out a schedule;  Make a chart of what you do with every 24 hours of your day.  You’ll find that for quite a few you’re doing nothing, not even going on your phone, just nothing.

So take those hours, and do something that will make you a better person.  Every hour is precious to us, we live a short life, so use them.  


Use Time to Your Advantage

To me, time can be your best friend, or your enemy.  At this point in my life, I’m fairly young, and I feel like I have quite a bit of time ahead of me.  But what I can’t get over is how fast time goes by.  One day you’re waiting for your mom to get you that new cool Lego set and the next your writing up your last essay in college.

I can remember playing with my elementary school buddies at recess like it was yesterday.  Pretending to be space explorers on the swing sets, digging for gold in the sandbox, running from dragons in the field, it was some great times.  But, then time just went by and now I’m making life changing decisions right here right now.

It’s unbelievable how fast time flies by and I wish there could be a way to slow it down, but there’s not.  So, the best thing we can do now is think about the remaining time we have, and go out and live a good life.

I hope I can use every year I have to make my life more successful.  I have mixed emotions about New Year’s Eve.  For one thing, every countdown is so anti-climatic, but another is how we always reflect on the year we just lived through.  And when I reflect on my year, the first thing I think about is how fast it just went by.

What’s great about New Years Eve however is how it’s a checkpoint.  It’s a time where you can think to yourself what you’re going to do this year, and how you’re going to do it.  Resolutions are made, and it feels like you have a clean slate.  It is very nice in my opinion, and it’s a great thing to have for our mindset.

But it’s also a new year that’s passing with such great speed that you wish you can stop.  So what I really want to get to is that you have time, so use it.  Don’t waste your life.  A lot of people wish to know how to save money, or how to follow their dreams.  And the thing they need to do is to use time to their advantage.  Don’t waste it, use it.  Do something that will make you closer to that goal.  Adding a quarter in a jar, doing another jog around the block, anything will make you closer.

So use time to your advantage, everything adds up.  If you add 5 dollars into a jar everyday you will have $1,825 dollars waiting for you at the end of the year.  I’m sure we all waste at least $5 on something everyday, I know I do.

So, main point, Do something everyday, even if it’s the smallest thing.  People usually give up when things aren’t happening now, we live in a world where the word “instant” is all that matters.  But if you do something, big or small every day you can accomplish anything.

So start today, read 10 pages of that long book, put some money in a safe place, start to build up your foundation of success.  Everyone starts somewhere, so you need to start now.