We have a lot of things to do in life.  At times it may not seem like it, but we do.  There’s 2 major groups, things we want to do, and things we have to do.  Sometimes making a decision on what you should do can be hard.

What you need to do to make the right decision is think, how is this action going to affect you?  Right now, and in the future.  Would it be better to buy that awesome bike you’ve been wanting? Or, should you use that money to pay off some rent you’re a little behind on.

It’s important you think about happiness, but also success.  Every now and then, do something that makes you happy, that’s a priority.  But keeping up with expenses and such is also a priority.  So, find the thing of most importance, and stick with it.  But focus on it.

We think about all these things we have to do and we sometimes forget about priorities.  Just thinking about what’s happening right now.  This can be a big reason why you have stress.

Bottom line?  Make a list.

Put the things that are most important to you at the top, and focus on those things.  But when you put your attention on something, keep it there.  Don’t go off starting hundreds of projects you’ll never finish.

Start it, and complete it.  Those are the magic words to success.  You’ll be able to get things done, and the more things you get done the faster you will be able to start doing the things you love.   And that’s one of the biggest priorities we have in life.


What is Success?

People have many different views on success.  We all have our different outlook on what success really is.  Is it having a nice car?  A big house?  Money?  One big question I have for is this:

How come when you type in “successful man” into Google, pictures of a men at their jobs, in suits, with money in their hands appear?  Yet no pictures of a proud parent watching their child doing something good, or someone doing something they absolutely love?

Success is not just having a job that gives you money.  Now, its a great thing to have, and can be very rewarding.  In fact there are quite a few people who have a job that they are passionate about, and that’s amazing.  However, when I looked up the definition of success, I saw many different definitions.  The problem?  Every definition had the word wealth in it.

Success is not how much valuable material you have.  Now, I’m not saying that you should try not to be wealthy, its something that we all naturally strive for and its a good thing to go after.  What I’m saying is that we need to change the definition of the word “rich”.

The very second you become grateful, you are rich.  When you become grateful for the dinner you just ate, or the mailman, coffee, the fact that you’re alive, you will be the richest man you can possibly be.  And when you become rich in that way, you will have success.

Success to me is being able to come home to a great family, doing things I enjoy doing, and knowing that I am very happy with the life I have.  A job that pays money, well, its nice.  But it doesn’t fill my body with joy like other things do.  In other words, success is being able to be happy.

To be successful we need to try our best in life, find joy in everything we do, be grateful we have the opportunity to be doing the things we’re doing.  These things can make life so much more rewarding, and when you decide to let these roles play a big factor in your life, it will change drastically for the better.

So the next time you get a paycheck, think about what you will do with that money that will make you truly successful.