How to be less stressed

We live is a very successful society.  We have to get up early, work until its late.  Study, do homework, extra work.  All these modern annoyances can play a huge role in our lifestyle.  Now, it may be impossible to have a totally stress free life, but you sure can get close!

First off, we need to know what stress is.  Long ago, stress was caused when humans were put in a situation where they felt in danger.  This gave the body a boost to get out of that situation.  Once the energy was exerted, so was the stress.  For example, a bear attacking someone and that person jumping up into a tree.  The problem?

We let stress stay in our body all throughout the day, whether we realize it or not.

This can be extremely harmful to our mental, and physical health.  Overtime, people have learned that stress can be the main factor for many bad things.  And it is very important that we know how to get that stress out of us and how to be able to prevent it.

There are many things that can cause stress, good or bad.  A wedding, a huge test, a job interview, getting dinner on the table.  There are so many things that can make ourselves feel stressed.  The important thing is to get this stress out.

But, there are some ways that you shouldn’t get stress out.  For one thing, do NOT go out and have a drink, alcohol is a depressant that will only make matters worst.  Also, taking things out on other people and being aggressive won’t do a thing but hurt relationships.  So be smart about it.

One of the best ways to take care of stress is to find the problem, and put an end to it.  Now if you’re feeling stressed because you’re not the president of your country, well, good luck.  Luckily however, there are tons of other ways to get stress out, and they may even work better.

Exercise is actually one of the best ways to get stress out too.  Long ago, stress was used to help the body get out of a situation, and to do that the body had to do physical actions.  Jogging around the block, stretching, anything physical can help stress become less of a problem.

Other ways not to be stressed? Well, let’s make a list.

1.  Take care of your problems as fast as you can.  One of the worst things you can do is procrastinate, and I’m sure we’re all very good at doing that.  Make sure you take care of things when you get the chance to, that way you’ll have more time later and you will feel great about the use of your time.

2.  Stay Organized.  Having a clean desk to work on, space to move around in, and a schedule to follow can really keep your life together.  You will know whats ahead and you will be ready to take on any challenge that comes up.

3.  Be Prepared.  Now, it’s hard to say to be prepared for everything.  Considering there are lots of factors that can play a role in the things you do, but, it’s important you have a plan in case something does come up.  Once you do you know you’ll be ready and the situation won’t be as rough when you have some things to help you out.

4.  Have control.  Whenever you go into anything that can be stressful, be ready to change things you need to change and make sure everything is right according to you.  Use anything that can assist you in having control over a situation so that you feel like you are in power and nothing can go wrong.

5.  Avoid Multitasking.  This is very important, don’t ever put to much on your plate.  We’re going to have lots of task to compete, that’s just life.  But it is utmost important just to focus on one thing at a time.  You’ll be able to complete things easier and you’ll be able to do more and more on one thing to get you to that finish line faster.

6.  Relax throughout the day.  Have 20 minutes or so when you just do whatever you want throughout the day.  These little breaks can relax your mind and get you ready for whatever is coming up next.

7.  Be grateful.  We usually don’t know what we have until it’s gone.  Stressed out about the job you have to work?  Someone out there would kill to have it.  Having I’m grateful moments will really make you a happier person and improve your personality overall.  Make sure you realize what a great life you’re living and use this positive attitude to succeed in life.

So, if you’re struggling, go out and run a little.  Take a break from your routine and have some fun.  It’s important we have some moments where we can just take a breathe, look at our life, and relax a little.  Have a wonderful day and I hope you can prevent stress from coming into you’re life after this!