ASMR: All You Need to Know

So, you’ve heard a little about asmr, or have you?  Asmr is a very new thing to our society, in fact, barely anyone knows about.  I must say though, the few people who have stumbled across it are very lucky.

Asmr stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.  Now, that’s a lot of big words and I still don’t know what they mean even after the years.  But, in other words its what your body feels after hearing or seeing certain things.

I’m sure everyone here reading this has experienced Asmr.  But people who have experienced it don’t think about what it actually is.  They think to themselves “I like this feeling” and then forget about it.

What does experiencing Asmr feel like?  Well, people can get it from numerous things.  Getting a haircut, getting checked at a doctors appointment, listening to the rain on your roof, or even a friend talking to you.  It is described as that tingling sensation that usually occurs in the head, scalp, and back.

There are so many things that can “trigger” asmr.  And there a lots of theories about why we get triggered by these things.  Bottom line: You get a tingling feeling from something and you like it.

A lot of people really like the feeling of Asmr, and you may be wondering how else you can experience it.  Getting a haircut everyday isn’t the best way to roll.  So what’s your best bet? Youtube.  There has been lots of Youtubers coming up from the Asmr Community.  I feel as though asmr has grown considerably because of Youtube, that’s how I found it.

My favorite is MassageASMR.  He has some great content and lots of variation.  But, there are TONS of artist out there, everyone has their personal preference.   ASMRrequest, HeatherFeatherASMREphemeralRift, I can go on for days.  Check around Youtube, and find artists you like.  Its a great experience and I feel like everyone should enjoy it. (And I was not paid to say any of this, seriously, get out there and find some good asmr.  You’ll love it.)

Common Triggers:

  1. Whispering
  2. Scratching/Tapping
  3. Personal Attention
  4. Touch from another on head or back
  5. Crinkle sounds
  6. Watching another complete a task
  7. Page Turning

Honestly, there’s tons of triggers.  So enjoy them all!  This information may seem a bit strange at first, but get some headphones, have a few minutes to spare, and watch some asmr.  You’ll understand why people make it part of their daily routines and hopefully you’ll really enjoy it!