Anonymous “Attacking” ISIS

So, there has been news about a group called anonymous.  Lately, they have been claiming to hack ISIS by taking down there social media accounts.  That’s a good thing right!  Eh, maybe.

Actually, there has been many people saying this is good but also many people saying this is a bad thing.

In case you don’t know, Anonymous is a hacking group.  Anyone can be part of it, all you have to do it get hacking and claim Anonymous did it.  There is no leader, and this group does lots of pranks, protest, and publicity stunts.

I’m not gonna lie, some of the things they do can be hilarious, but they are known for doing a lot of negative things online.  And that is where people get uneasy about this all.  Anonymous is a hacker group, they have a lot of power, and people are putting trust in them to hack anonymous.  This can turn out to be a very bad thing.  There is however another problem, Twitter and Facebook are barely doing anything to shut down these terrorist accounts.

ISIS uses social media as one of their greatest weapon.  They have gained a lot of supporters from it, recruits with it, but most of all, spreads fear with it.  These social media companies can barely keep bully’s from messing with kids.  How are they supposed to stop hundreds of ISIS accounts?  ISIS has claimed to have taken down nearly a thousand of these accounts.  They’ve also claimed to have taken down a number of Facebook pages, and numerous emails.

Anyways, what do you guys think?  Is it great news that we got a few more people trying to take down ISIS?  Or is it bad that we are allowing a hacker group to do work that they shouldn’t be doing?  In my opinion, its a fairly good thing, even though taking down accounts may not make that much of a difference, at least its something.