Because Life is Short

It may seem long when we’re sitting in a long lecture of class, or thinking about the next 7 hours of work we are about to complete.  But in the end, we all know the truth.

Life is short.

So short in fact, when the time comes to kick the bucket we still have things to do.  And that to me is one of the most depressing things of all time to think of.

I have a lot of things I wish for, we all do.  I wish I could feel every emotion, have a childhood all over the world.  The reality is that I’m not going to live in too many houses in my life, but I want to experience every location.  I want to work thousands of jobs, find the ones that I’m passionate about.  I want to play every sport, and eat every type of food.

It is said that if we could, we would fall in love with millions of people.  The only reason why we don’t is because we can only handle one person being our “true love.”  And I want to fall in love with those millions of people.  Go on the roller coaster of life hundreds of times.

I’m not saying I wish to be immortal, I would rather have a life of 20 years than forever.  But. if only life wasn’t so short.  Why is it?

So, point being, don’t waste your life.  We can’t do everything we’re going to want to in life, so enjoy the things you can do.  And believe me, you can do anything you wish to.  So go out and live a great life.  Whether you think it’s long or short, it’s not forever.  And when it’s time to pull the plug you’re going to want to be happy with it.

Appreciate everything you have, and have as much fun as you can.  Money is not fun, fun is fun.  Go grab some friends and go bowling tonight, watch a movie with someone special, and enjoy the life you have been given.  After all, it is a short one.

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