How to Succeed in School

School can be pretty tough sometimes, we can all agree with that.  You have to go to boring classes, waste the whole day and go home to spend the remaining time studying or doing homework.  It can get very repetitive and extremely stressful at times.

However, school is a great experience that we need to be grateful to have.  In fact, school can be surprisingly fun if you have lot’s of success with it!  How you may ask?

1.  Get Organized

Clear off the desk, get some spare pencils and paper, and make an area nice and tidy for you to do work on.  At this very moment go get all you’re school supplies, take them out and organize it.  Maybe you have an inch worth of math papers that you’ve been meaning to recycle for a year, or you’ve been putting Spanish papers in your English folder.  Do whatever you can do to get everything where it needs to be, and so that things are easy to access and work on.

2.  Have a Planner to Use

Lot’s of people hate planners, but these guys will be saving you so many times you won’t have any problem at all remembering things.  The hard part? Using it.  Lot’s of people have planners, but are too lazy to use it.  The second you’re instructor tells you a date, or an assignment, write it down.  After school check it, and make sure everything will be done.

3.  Pay Attention

Honestly, it’s not that hard.  Get a good nights rest so that you’re ready for the day and keep you’re mind focused on the lesson.  Watch the teacher, take notes, and don’t let little things in your life get into your mind.  Before you know it a whole chapter will be taught and you’ll be stuck learning it on your own.

4.  Eliminate Distractions

We live in a world where there’s so many things that can stop us from doing what we have to do.  So unplug technology, get away from the busy world, and get your work done.  You can get things done so fast if you just focus and don’t get distracted by anything.

5.  Get a Good Group of Friends

Have a group of people you have fun with to help you get through things.  Maybe make a small study group that meets once a week, or help each other on projects.  With the help of others you will be able to get anything done and at least someone is bound to know the answer to one of your questions.  This is also a great way to have fun!

6.  Study When You’re Not At School

Studying has become a time where you text your friends, or take lots of breaks to relax your mind.  Sure, breaks are also a great thing to have when studying, but at this rate hours will pass when you could get the work done in one.  Do the work outside of school with focus, and be smart while studying.

So really, be smart about it.  Get away from distractions, be organized, and pay attention.  If you worked two hours of focused work a day I assure you that your grades will be outstanding.  And when you start getting good grades, you start to gain motivation to do even better.  And that’s where the fun begins.   Good luck!

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