How to Learn an Instrument

Yay! You’ve decided to take up an instrument!  Music is a great way to express yourself, have fun, and connect with others.  There are so many reasons why you should play an instrument and if you’re looking to get into it all then you’re going to want some tips.

1.  Find what instrument you’re going to play.

OK, so this may be a little obvious, but it’s so absolutely necessary to get an instrument you are going to enjoy, and be able to play well.  When I first joined band long ago, I wanted to play the trumpet.  In fact I wanted to play the trumpet so much I didn’t even think about testing out other instruments.  I just bought a trumpet and started playing.  You can say I was the worst trumpet player in the world, because I was.  I could barely play it!  For 3 years I played this instrument only to learn that it wasn’t meant for my lips.  Mine were to big!  The second I picked up a low brass instrument (With a bigger mouthpiece) I was able to play anything.  In other words, make sure there’s no physical features of yours that will keep you from your full potential.

2.  Spend some time getting to know your instrument.

Instruments are all very unique.  Whether you’re playing drums, guitar, or flute you’re going to need some basic knowledge.  Learn how people tune the instrument, important parts of it, and how to maintain it if you need to.  If you aren’t going to be taking lessons(which will also be a great idea if you want to speed up the process) learn what clef music is in, and learn how to read that clef.

3. Tutorials Tutorials Tutorials Tutorials Tutorials!!!

First thing, I would highly recommend getting a mentor to teach you.  Lessons can get pretty pricey but it can make such a big difference.  It can help so much to have the help of another experienced player.  If not, explore the web for useful videos, and information! Make sure you first know how to play correctly, then fingerings/positions, then note names.  Once you start to learn how to read music off a sheet it will be one of the most joyful experiences of your life.  You can play anything you want!  This will be one of the hardest steps, it can be very intimidating diving right in but just keep learning new things and you’ll get there.  Again, make sure you know the basics of your instrument and music itself before you go into learning how to play it.

4.  DON’T GIVE UP!!!!!

Learning how to play an instrument can be VERY frustrating sometimes.  It may seem like a lot of little things you need to know at first, but give it a few months.  Learn something new everyday.  One new note, one more bar of music.  It will take time.   But the best you can do is keep learning and taking in knowledge.  With that knowledge, practice.  You’ll get there, I promise!

5. With you’re new skills, have some fun!

Do the thing you wanted to do!  Join a music group! Start a band! You can have so much fun with music.  If music becomes your passion play in public every weekend! Joining different groups is also a great way to get better.  Playing with others will teach you more musical skills that are necessary to have.  Yes, it will take time to become a pro at your instrument.  But its a great journey.  Take baby steps, and have fun!

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