Starting out

There is always that feeling you get once you just jump right into something.  Especially when it has to do with other people.  Today, I started to do blogs.  The reason: to have fun interacting to other people about different topics.

However, there is a problem.  No ones here to interact with.  Honestly, I have no idea how I’ll start to get a crowd, but I hope that sometime, someday, there will be people to talk to.

Is there going to be people reading this? Probably not.  But I have one thing to say to you: Do NOT give up on anything just because its a challenge to get things going.  Everything is hard to get into to, especially when you don’t know anything about it!  The worst thing you can do is quit.

So, today I begin my journey writing blogs.  There will be times when I feel as though I am writing to no one.  Where I am just typing words on a keyboard for my own eyes.  But, I know that eventually, things will get going. And that time may be a few months, maybe even a few years.  But that’s how it works! And once things finally get going, it will be a great feeling.

At the end of the day, we all have things we want to do.  But there’s so many excuses not to do them!  I beg of you to try your best at anything you wish to do.  You can’t let anything get in your way.  I hope someday someone will stumble across this blog.  If you are that one person, I hope you can achieve everything you wish to.  Try your best, and you will conquer that goal.


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